Interested in serving on Ebert Metropolitan District’s Board of Directors?

Here are some Board Member expectations to consider before you self-nominate:

  • To read, understand, know and comply with:
    •     The District’s Bylaws
    •     The Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) that apply to special districts
    •     Colorado’s Open Meeting Law
  • To read, know and understand the District's Master Declarations and Covenants
  • To know Ebert Metropolitan District’s physical boundaries
  • To know who is responsible for what (e.g. what the District is responsible for; what the City and County of Denver is responsible for; what the State and its agencies are responsible for) as they pertain to the District
  • To know who the District’s contracted service providers are and what they are responsible for providing (i.e. their contract Terms and Conditions)
  • To know the responsibilities and authorities of a Special District Board Member
  • To read, understand, and know the terms and conditions of the District’s Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA’s) and other legally enforceable agreements.
  • To read, know and understand the District’s budget and taxation structure
  • To read, understand and be conversationally familiar with the complete content of any Regular and Special Meeting Board packets, prior to attending any scheduled meeting
  • To know how to conduct and be able to conduct a Regular or Special meeting for the District
  • To be available and participate in all scheduled Regular and Special meetings
  • To communicate effectively with members of the public
  • The public expects you to know the many complex matters affecting the District
  • Volunteering to serve on a Colorado Special District Board is known to require upwards of 15-20 hours of your time in any given week

If ALL of the expectations described above appeal to you, please find, complete and submit the Self-Nomination Form that best suits the desired duration of your service.  [Note: Self Nomination forms are available only during an election cycle's Self-Nomination period.]

Thank You!