Frequently Asked Questions


Covenant Enforcement

Covenant enforcement is a responsibility of Town Center Metropolitan District.  Currently, Westwind Management handles covenant enforcement for Town Center Metropolitan District.  Here is a link to their Frequently Asked Questions on Covenant Enforcement and Design Guideline Violations.


Budget information for Ebert Metropolitan Distract can be found on the Budgets page.

Code Enforcement

The City and County of Denver handles most code enforcement.  Please see their Neighborhood Inspections web page for more information.

Parking Violations

The City and Country of Denver handles parking violations.  Please see their Parking Division web page for more information.

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Colorado Open Records Act

The Ebert Metropolitan District is committed to being open, accountable, and accessible to the public, with efficient access to documents and records pursuant to the Colorado Revised Statutes, C.R.S. §24-72-201 to 206.  You may request records through the District Manager.  CORA Policy Resolution